Google TPU Leaps And Bounds Ahead Of Competition?

Google announced TPU, which they claim is seven years more advanced than other processing units.(Photo by: Pixabay) Computer processing units come in many different flavors, including CPU, GPU, EPU and the FPGA. However, Google claims to have created what they are calling the Tensor Processing Unit, which is supposedly seven years more advanced than anything else on the market. The processing unit is being called such because it supposedly underpins what is called the TensorFlow, which is the software engine that allows for deep learning services. Google claims that the machine that defeated world Go champion Lee Sedol at his own game was powered by the TPU. Like Us on Facebook In terms of applications, the TPU is considerably more capable of allowing for deep learning which can be used…

Link to Full Article: Google TPU Leaps And Bounds Ahead Of Competition?

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