Google Uses Classic Video Game to Teach A.I. to “Dream”

While dreaming robots might seem like the kind of science fiction straight out Westworld, researchers at Google DeepMindthink artificial intelligence could make it a reality. Using an UNsupervised REinforcement and Auxiliary Learning tool (UNREAL), DeepMind researchers were able to apply the same situations that cause animals to dream in artificial intelligence. The new research, recently published, also brings DeepMind closer to its goal of creating an A.I. that can teach itself at an enhanced level. While this is a new application, the researchers used the same deep reinforcement learning methods that it used to master the Game Go in January, but instead used the game Labyrinth on Atari as models. UNREAL also augmented the reinforcement learning by asking the agent to complete two tasks in addition to gameplay completion. In…

Link to Full Article: Google Uses Classic Video Game to Teach A.I. to “Dream”

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