Google’s AI can translate language pairs it has never seen

Join us on Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter for a daily roundup of what’s happening in tech delivered straight to your inbox. Subscribe Google’s AI is not just better at grasping languages like Mandarin, but can now translate between two languages it hasn’t even trained on. In a research paper, Google reveals how it uses its own “interlingua” to internally represent phrases, regardless of the language. The resulting “zero-shot” deep learning lets it translate a language pair with “reasonable” accuracy, as long as it has translated them both into another common language. The company recently switched its Translate feature to the deep-learning Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) system. That’s an “end-to-end learning framework that learns from millions of examples,” the company says, and has drastically improved translation quality. The problem…

Link to Full Article: Google’s AI can translate language pairs it has never seen

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