Google’s AI vs. lazy content: Guess who wins

The days of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are upon us. We have entered an age of machines that can learn from experience, of algorithms that propagate smarter algorithms as they collect more data. While a Terminator-style awakening of Skynet is not yet at hand, advancements in machine learning are introducing possibilities formerly known only in the realm of science fiction.  These breakthroughs are poised to dramatically improve user experience across an array of channels. But digital marketing mavens of all stripes will likewise have to contend with revolutionary changes in SEO and content strategy. They’ll need to understand what these changes driven by machine learning entail — and what it will take to adapt, to succeed and to thrive in a rapidly evolving, uncertain future.  So, do you know what you’re…

Link to Full Article: Google’s AI vs. lazy content: Guess who wins

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