Google’s Artificial Intelligence System Masters Game of ‘Go’

Google just mastered one of the biggest feats in artificial intelligence since IBM’s Deep Blue beat Gary Kasparov at chess in 1997.The search giant’s AlphaGo computer program swept the European champion of Go, a complex game with trillions of possible moves, in a five-game series, according Demis Hassabis, head of Google’s machine learning, who announced the feat in a blog post that coincided with an article in the journal Nature.While computers can now compete at the grand master level in chess, teaching a machine to win at Go has presented a unique challenge since the game has trillions of possible moves.Go, a board game that was played in ancient China, pits two players against each other. The players take turns placing black or white stones on a grid, with the…

Link to Full Article: Google’s Artificial Intelligence System Masters Game of ‘Go’

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