Google’s head of artificial intelligence says ‘computers are remarkably dumb’

Google’s head of machine learning doesn’t seem too worried about computers becoming smarter than humans anytime soon.  John Giannandrea, who leads the company’s machine learning efforts, said that he is not very impressed with the current intelligence of computer systems, according to a Fortune report. “I think computers are remarkably dumb,” Giannandrea told Fortune. “A computer is like a 4-year-old child.” Giannandrea, who has been working on making computers more human-like since the early 90s, currently works on Google’s self-driving car project using machine learning to help the vehicles detect human pedestrians.  While AI is much broader than machine learning, machine learning plays a critical role in most AI systems today. Machine learning is basically the AI algorithm that learns from data and is capable of improving over time.  For example,…

Link to Full Article: Google’s head of artificial intelligence says ‘computers are remarkably dumb’

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