Google’s Machine Learning Software TensorFlow Goes Open Source

Tech giant Google today announced the open source release of TensorFlow, its second-generation machine learning software. Google described TensorFlow as a general, flexible, portable, easy-to-use system that builds on DistBelief, the company’s internal deep learning infrastructure developed in 2011. DistBelief has allowed users to build larger neural networks and scale training to thousands of cores in Google’s data centers. TensorFlow is a tool for writing and executing machine learning algorithms. Computations for the system are performed in a data flow graph in which the nodes are mathematical operations and the edges are tensors, or multidimensional data arrays, that are exchanged between nodes. Users of the system construct the graphs and write the algorithms that get executed on each node, and TensorFlow executes the code asynchronously on different devices, cores, and…

Link to Full Article: Google’s Machine Learning Software TensorFlow Goes Open Source

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