Google’s TensorFlow Alone Will Not Revolutionize AI

Google this week open sourced TensorFlow, its elegant and powerful artificial intelligence engine. Google uses this machine learning software internally to add capabilities like speech recognition and object detection to its products. Now, it’s available for everyone to use. What will this mean for the design of artificial intelligence systems? As wonderful as TensorFlow is, I fear that it may accelerate the design of AI systems that are hard to understand and hard to communicate with. I think it will focus our attention on experimenting with mathematical tricks, rather than on understanding human thought processes.TensorFlow is aimed at the development of machine learning systems that require heavy numerical computation, like artificial neural networks (ANNs). The trouble with these systems is that they consist of millions of numbers—too many for people to sift through and make sense of.…

Link to Full Article: Google’s TensorFlow Alone Will Not Revolutionize AI

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