Hack This: How to Consult Google’s Machine Learning Oracle

Machine learning and its artificial intelligence parent are probably most often regarded by regular-ass people as kind of opaque and esoteric subjects. Or even just tech buzzwords, which is a shame because it doesn’t have to be like that. These things are just tools and as tools they can be employed for extremely complex, inscrutable-seeming tasks found in fields like neuroprosthetics or machine perception, or they can be used for everyday things like classifying spam. In other words, machine learning doesn’t have to be brain surgery, though it can be useful for that. At the same time, getting into something like Google’s TensorFlow open-source machine learning library is pretty daunting. Fortunately, within its folio of cloud services Google offers an extremely accessible machine learning platform known as the Prediction API.…

Link to Full Article: Hack This: How to Consult Google’s Machine Learning Oracle

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