README.md These Vagrant files automates the installation of a working Deep Learning machine running on Ubuntu 14.04. What’s in the box: Keras Theano Tensorflow You must install VirtubalBox and Vagrant before continuing. Once Vagrant and VirtualBox are installed, clone this repository or import Vagrantfile and bootstrap.sh in a directory. From this directory, let’s start your Vagrant box by typing in your terminal (it might take some time to download the Ubuntu image): $ vagrant up Once the setup is complete, just run: $ vagrant ssh You are in! Now, let’s train your first recurrent neuronal network: $ python keras/examples/addition_rnn.py To access files present on your computer from your Vagrant/Ubuntu machine, go to the /vagrant directory which is mounted to the directory you started you Vagrant box from: $ cd /vagrant/…

Link to Full Article: holbertonschool/deep-learning-vagrant-machine

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