How Artificial Intelligence Boosts Service Retention and Cuts Marketing Waste

It’s no secret that traditional service marketing is seeing diminishing returns, has become fragmented, and is difficult to track. We continue to use tactics that may have worked 15 years ago while often missing opportunities made possible by innovative technology—and demanded by the way our customers digest media today. Take artificial intelligence (AI), for example. Artificial intelligence has proven its ability in many industries to increase engagement, lower outbound marketing costs, and cut through the clutter of today’s marketing noise. Look in the mirror and consider your strategy and beliefs when it comes to customers. Ask yourself, “Am I personally tired of being marketed to?” If you’re not sure of the answer, think about what you do each time you go to the mailbox and sort the pretty pieces of direct mail, or when you turn on the TV and subconsciously tune out the commercials. Like you, more and more consumers are turning to DVRs, streaming media, and subscription radio to choose their own level of exposure to marketing and advertising. Don’t get me wrong—there is still a place for these mediums. But the trend toward more personalized marketing is undeniable. Understandably, given the sheer volume of service records, it’s…

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