How Companies Use GPUs to Put Deep Learning at Your Fingertips

GPUs have helped researchers spark a deep-learning revolution that’s given computers super-human capabilities. They’ve already enabled breakthrough results on the industry-standard ImageNet benchmark. They’re powering Facebook’s “Big Sur” deep learning computing platform. They’re also accelerating major advances in deep learning across a broad range of fields. GPUs have become the go-to technology for training deep neural networks. These systems allow computers to identify patterns and objects as well as — or in some cases, better than — humans (see “Accelerating AI with GPUs: A New Computing Model”). Training these networks is just the start. After training is completed, the networks are deployed into the field for “inference” — classifying data to “infer” a result. This involves running billions of computations based on the trained network to identify known patterns or…

Link to Full Article: How Companies Use GPUs to Put Deep Learning at Your Fingertips

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