How could an AI take down the world’s best StarCraft players?

Earlier this year, researchers at Google DeepMind defeated the world’s best Go player with the help of their latest artificial intelligence, AlphaGo.  It was an unexpected victory that shocked the DeepMind team as much as it did viewers, and one that raised another question: how would an AI fare on the digital battlefields of professional gaming?  AlphaGo creator Demis Hassabis, who you might remember as the dev responsible for co-designing and programming Bullfrog’s Theme Park alongside Peter Molyneux, might be about to give us an answer.  Back in 2011, Hassabis made it clear he’d like to pit a pro StarCraft player against one of DeepMind’s uber-competitive AIs, and it was a message Google repeated after AlphaGo’s latest win.  So, could an AI actually beat the world’s best and brightest StarCraft players?  According to the…

Link to Full Article: How could an AI take down the world’s best StarCraft players?

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