How IBM’s Watson went from ‘Jeopardy’ champ to business A.I. tool

How IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence platform works with 350 companies – New York Business Journal Second guessing Artificial Intelligence: ‘job apocalypse’ fears Six human skills Facebook’s artificial intelligence tech is slowly Twitter expands into N.Y.C.’ growing artificial intelligence community IBM developed its Watson supercomputer program at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center in… more Michael Hussey wanted to know just how good a judge of character IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence was before he hired the company to cull through hundreds of millions of profiles he had created at StatSocial in search of different, marketable personality types. Using in-house algorithms he and his team had been working on for years, the New York City-based social analytics company had already assembled profiles of 600 million people based on their social interactions on…

Link to Full Article: How IBM’s Watson went from ‘Jeopardy’ champ to business A.I. tool

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