How Sad or Mad Are You? Microsoft Says It Can Tell

Project Oxford, the Microsoft research project that can tell how old you are are from a photograph (some of us didn’t dare try it), now claims it can read more from your face. Like your emotional state. According to a Microsoft blog post, Project Oxford uses machine learning, a newer name for what used to be called artificial intelligence, to read emotional qualities from the facial image. Those qualities are: anger, contempt, fear, disgust, happiness, sadness, surprise, and—my favorite—”neutral.” So that’s not creepy at all. And now the company said it will release tools that developers can use to enable similar scenarios, although details were sketchy. Marketing people, for example, could use this sort of technology to ascertain reactions to in-store displays, a movie, or food, Ryan Galgon, a senior…

Link to Full Article: How Sad or Mad Are You? Microsoft Says It Can Tell

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