How the AR Dog Throat-Ripped the Robot Butler

The first earnest attempts to create the sort of robotic butlers that emerged as a pop cultural meme in the 1950s were made toward the end of the 20th century and failed almost immediately. The robotics technology of the time fell well short of realizing consumers very lofty expectations, heightened by the Jetsons’ Rosie and Ray Bradbury’s “Electronic Grandmother.” Instead of anthropomorphic robot servants, people got autonomous hockey puck-looking vacuums. It was a bit disappointing. What has become clear over the last decade is that even remotely naturalistic general purpose robots will remain out of reach technologically until well after augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and voice recognition make naturalistic interfaces possible and possibly very common. Cue the Hololens puppy. To understand why electronic barking is inevitable, it’s important to understand…

Link to Full Article: How the AR Dog Throat-Ripped the Robot Butler

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