How To Fool AI Into Seeing Something That Isn’t There

Getty ImagesOur machines are littered with security holes, because programmers are human. Humans make mistakes. In building the software that drives these computing systems, they allow code to run in the wrong place. They let the wrong data into the right place. They let in too much data. All this opens doors through which hackers can attack, and they do. But even when artificial intelligence supplants those human programmers, risks remain. AI makes mistakes, too. As described in a new paper from researchers at Google and OpenAI, the artificial intelligence startup recently bootstrapped by Tesla founder Elon Musk, these risks are apparent in the new breed of AI services that is rapidly reinventing our computing systems, and they could be particularly problematic as AI moves into security cameras, sensors, and…

Link to Full Article: How To Fool AI Into Seeing Something That Isn’t There

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