How to use Sunnybrook data?

Hi, I downloaded DICOM images and manual contours from this page For DICOM images, each patient has a folder which contains about 100 sub-folders named like this “1.32_29sSOG9riFiQfXpHFLC6Zj453OlBWiLWSxWS5LSwJbcf7neGtrQ_iHpfyZ7_KVjcy_-x_-y_64_64_8”, and the DICOM images are in these sub-folders. For manual contours, each patient has about 30~40 text files which have contour coordinates in them, and their file names are like this “IM-0001-0047-icontour-manual.txt”. Does anyone know the relation between them? Which contour is for which DICOM files? What does 0001 and 0047 mean in the file name? Did I miss something? Is there a guide for Sunnybrook data? Thanks!

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