Information on directory structure and naming

I would appreciate some clarification on the naming of the directories/images we are given. Once I’ve extracted, I understand that each individual sample is located in its own directory (1, 2, …, 500). Inside the ‘study’ directory of each of these samples there are several directories, I’m assuming from different angles/perspectives. My specific questions are: What does #ch_# mean? For example with ‘train/1/study/2ch_21’, what do the ‘2’, ‘ch’, and ’21’ indicate? We have been told that images prefixed with ‘sax_’ are short axis cine images, but what do the suffixes to each of the directories mean? For example with ‘train/1/study/sax_5’, what does the ‘5’ indicate? For the images in each of these directories, are we guaranteed to have 30 images? And do these 30 images always represent one heart…

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