Inspur’s Secrets Unveiled Behind Baidu’s Driverless Car Technology

BEIJING, July 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Artificial intelligence has advanced through the years and voice recognition, intelligent hardware, and driverless cars are all technologies that influence our lives. Behind artificial intelligence technology is a neural network that is built from deep learning — mimicking mechanisms of the human brain when interpreting data. In order to meet all the latest deep learning requirements, a high-performance CPU + GPU co-processing acceleration server is growing to become the essential foundation for artificial intelligence hardware. As the pioneer in artificial intelligence field, Baidu chose the Inspur NF5568M4 heterogeneous supercomputing server in its unmanned auto road condition model training. The 4U4 card design of Inspur NF5568M4 is applicable to present electric power and heat dissipation designs of the data center, and is scalable to multi-machine and…

Link to Full Article: Inspur’s Secrets Unveiled Behind Baidu’s Driverless Car Technology

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