Is Google Translate for bats on the way?

MARCH 03: Brown Long-eared Bat (Plecotus auritus), Vespertilionidae. Photo credit: DeAgostini/Getty Images Israel Holy machine learning, Batman &nbspPaul Mutter10 hours ago Researchers from Tel Aviv University have published a study in Scientific Reports that explains how they used machine learning to better understand what Egyptian fruit bats are “saying” to each other. With machine learning, it becomes possible to carry out large scale analysis of animal calls, and understand “both the behavioral context as well as the identities of the emitter and the addressee” communicating with one another. Focusing on “aggressive” communications, what the researchers found was that they’re arguing about 60% of the time – eating, sleep, mating, and personal space. They were also able to sometimes predict (with 41% accuracy) the outcomes of the exchanges, and noted that the bats…

Link to Full Article: Is Google Translate for bats on the way?

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