It’s Too Late—We’ve Already Taught AI to Be Racist and Sexist

They say that kids aren’t born sexist or racist—hate is taught. Artificial intelligence is the same way, and humans are fabulous teachers. ProPublica reported, for example, that an algorithm used to to predict the likelihood of convicts committing future crime tends to tag black folks as higher risk than whites. Despite the oft-repeated claim that such data-driven approaches are more objective than past methods of determining the risk of recidivism or anything else, it’s clear that our very human biases have rubbed off on our machines. Consider the case of Microsoft’s simple Tay bot, which sucked up all the slurs and racist opinions that Twitter users threw at it and ended up spouting Nazi drivel. But the prejudice in algorithms may be more understated than that, according to Emiel van…

Link to Full Article: It’s Too Late—We’ve Already Taught AI to Be Racist and Sexist

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