JNeurosci: Highlights From the August 24 Issue

Check out these newsworthy studies from the August 24, 2016, issue of JNeurosci. Media interested in obtaining the full text of the studies should contact media@sfn.org.Tone Deafness After Stroke Linked to Damage to Right Side of the BrainStroke patients with tone deafness and other forms of amusia exhibit damage to the right temporal lobe of the brain. Using an advanced method for analyzing relationships between brain damage and behavior, researchers studied the brains of 77 stroke survivors and found impaired music ability was linked to lesions in areas of the right temporal lobe. Patients whose musical deficits persisted six months later showed greater atrophy in these brain areas compared with patients who recovered musical ability.Corresponding author: Aleksi Sihvonen, ajsihv@utu.fiWorking Memory Training Enhances Coordination Between Brain NetworksWorking memory — the ability…

Link to Full Article: JNeurosci: Highlights From the August 24 Issue

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