Jurassic Park lied. Artificial intelligence just proved that T. Rex couldn’t run

Why it matters to you Cutting-edge 3D modeling and machine learning tech reveals that you could probably outrun a T. Rex in real life. Move over, Harvard University! The institution’s plan to clone a woolly mammoth has been upstaged by scientists at the U.K.’s University of Manchester, where they used cutting edge technology to recreate an even more badass extinct animal in the form of the fearsome 40-foot carnivorous dinosaur known as Tyrannosaurus Rex. Well, recreate it inside a computer at least. Using a state of the art, high performance N8 High Performance Computing (HPC) system, impressive 3D modelling technology, and some handy machine learning thrown in for good measure, researchers from Manchester University’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences set out to bring the prehistoric “tyrant king” to digital life. This led to some new information regarding its biomechanics. TLDR version: Steven Spielberg lied to us. What T. Rexes think about when they think about running “There has been a big argument in paleontology about the likely running speed of T. Rex, with some people thinking that it was slow and others that it was fast,” lead investigator Dr. William Sellers told Digital Trends. “This has knock-on effects about how…

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