Kawasaki Wants to Bring Artificial Intelligence to Motorcycles

kawasaki artificial intelligence motorcycles terminator 2MoreIf you only happen to be staying with your significant other because you want someone to chat with on motorcycle rides, your weirdly-specific worry may not be relevant much longer. Kawasaki is developing artificial intelligence for motorcycle that will enable future bikes to chat with their riders, and even allow them to control the cycles using their voice. The system Kawasaki is developing is called the “Kanjo Engine,” kanjo translating  to “emotion” in English. Though currently in early stages of development, Kawasaki’s new technology is being created with the intent of understanding human speech, monitoring rider status, and generally being a genial companion for its rider. It should even be able to accelerate or brake based on voice commands, according to CNET. This project taken on by Kawasaki reminds us at The Drive of the robot-driven motorcycle concept Yamaha showed off at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.…

Link to Full Article: Kawasaki Wants to Bring Artificial Intelligence to Motorcycles

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