LSD Makes the Brain More ‘Complete’: Researchers Praise Landmark Study

The study, conducted by researchers from Imperial College London, found that the drug helped to break down parts of the brain that usually operate separately, leading to a more “integrated or unified brain.” Today we release the results of the first ever modern brain imaging study of LSD, published in PNAS — Robin Carhart-Harris (@RobinCarhartHar) April 11, 2016​ “Normally our brain consists of independent networks that perform separate specialized functions, such as vision, movement and hearing — as well as more complex things like attention,” said Robin Carhart-Harris, who led the research team. “However, under LSD the separateness of these networks breaks down and instead you see a more integrated or unified brain.” ‘LSD Could Free Brain From Constraints’ The study, which saw 20 psychologically and physically fit volunteers take LSD and a placebo, also seemed to back up suggestions that hallucinogenic drugs could actually trigger creative and imaginative impulses. “Our brains…

Link to Full Article: LSD Makes the Brain More ‘Complete’: Researchers Praise Landmark Study

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