Machine Learning & Data Science Part 2: Almost Human?

17th November 2015 “One of the great consistencies in the universe are the laws of mathematics and this is no different when it comes to artificial intelligence and its modern applications. In 1996 the world chess champion was defeated by a computer known as ‘Deep Blue’ – a triumph in technology at the time. In 2014 a chatbot named Eugene Goostman became the first computer to pass the Turing Test, tricking judges into believing they were talking to a human. However, these technologies are merely imitating human behaviour – the current goal in AI is to create a robot that ‘thinks’ for itself. This is not to say that the robot must be a sentient being, such a creation is far beyond our reach for the time being. But the idea is for…

Link to Full Article: Machine Learning & Data Science Part 2: Almost Human?

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