Machine Learning: How We’re Teaching Computers to Think

Remember toasters? Of course you do. Back before there were popular toastsharing apps like “Crusti” and hook-up sites for bakers like “Hotbred,” people used to have machines in their kitchens that made bread into toast. It fulfilled the function of an appliance, which was to make some aspect of life easier. No more people standing over slices of bread with a blowtorch; this contraption did it for us. Presumably, millions of person-hours were saved by letting the toaster do this crucial work. Eventually computers came along and acted as larger-scale appliances for all the various toasts of our lives. Computers took the place of typewriters and post offices and theaters that showed adult movies. Now, with artificial intelligence, we have one appliance to rule them all. With machine learning, AI…

Link to Full Article: Machine Learning: How We’re Teaching Computers to Think

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