Mark Cuban Says AI Will be The Biggest Disruption to Jobs We’ve Seen in 30 Years

In Brief In a recent speech, Mark Cuban argued that AI will replace a significant number of jobs — however, according to previous statements from Cuban, he does not believe that universal basic income is a solution. His views contrast with other technology industry leaders. Cuban’s Warning Mark Cuban warned against the potential dangers that artificial intelligence (AI) poses to the work force, asserting during a one-to-one question session at OZY Fest on Sunday that: There’s going to be a lot of unemployed people replaced with technology and if we don’t start dealing with that now, we’re going to have some real problems. Cuban added that he hasn’t seen an equal transformation to the workforce in recent memory: We’re going through a transitional period where we’ll see more disruption driven by artificial intelligence than we’ve seen in the last 30 years. It is the latest in a series of warnings that the sports tycoon has issued about the 21st Century’s AI revolution. In February Cuban Tweeted that “Automation is going to cause unemployment and we need to prepare for it” — but, unlike others, he disagrees that universal basic income (UBI) is a solution to this, Tweeting that it is “one of the worst possible…

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