Microsoft Used AI to Make the Translator from ‘Star Trek’

Microsoft has taken some inspiration from Star Trek. The company announced Tuesday a program called Microsoft Translator that listens to someone, transcribes what they’ve said, and then shares the translated text with their audience. The system is kind of like the universal translator from the most (or second-most, depending on who you ask) influential sci-fi series. It even speaks Klingon — Microsoft Translate supports 60 languages for speech-to-text translation, and the one used by an alien species is apparently one of them. Microsoft said that its translator can work with up to 100 people at once, even if they’re split between multiple languages, just as well as it can facilitate communications between two people. That versatility is courtesy of new machine learning techniques at the core of the service. Translations…

Link to Full Article: Microsoft Used AI to Make the Translator from ‘Star Trek’

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