MIT artificial intelligence pioneer Marvin Minsky dies at 88

Artificial intelligence innovator Marvin Minsky passed away Sunday at a Boston hospital due to a cerebral hemorrhage. He was 88. Teaming up with Massachusetts Institute of Technology colleague John McCarthy, Minsky co-founded the school’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, which is now known as the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, or CSAIL. At MIT, Minsky laid out many a guideline for AI researchers in his 1960 paper “Steps Toward Artificial Intelligence.” He also authored books like 1985’s The Society of Mind and 2006’s The Emotion Machine, both of which are considered required reading for anyone interested in the field of AI. “Marvin Minsky helped create the vision of artificial intelligence as we know it today,” said CSAIL Director Daniela Rus in MIT’s obituary page for Minsky. “The challenges he defined are…

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