MIT to Develop Software for NASA’s Humanoid Robot

NASA gives its humanoid robot to MIT to build software for future space explorations. The U.S. Space agency has designed a robot that could help astronauts who will be a part of the manned mission to Mars. The agency has given one prototype to MIT to help develop the machine’s artificial intelligence and dexterity for deep space missions. NASA has been working on the robot named Valkyrie for several years. According to Tech Times, the machine was initially designed for disaster relief but the agency envisioned that the 290-pound machine could be used in future space missions, such as, manned missions to the red planet. Valkyrie could perform tasks before the arrival of human explorers or work with them. MIT to develop software for NASA’s humanoid robot Steve Jurczyk, an…

Link to Full Article: MIT to Develop Software for NASA’s Humanoid Robot

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