mltools – My R Package For Machine Learning Tools

I’ve been doing data science and machine learning for a few years now.. I’m a big fan of R and the data.table package, but over the years I’ve identified missing tools that would’ve made my life a heck of a lot easier – things like directly converting a data.table to a sparse matrix, one-hot encoding a data.table, binning data, fast and easily calculating AUC ROC, etc. I ended up building the things I needed and I recently collated them all into a [somewhat] organized R package I call mltools. Here’s some highlights that I think other Kagglers might find useful: Note that my package makes HEAVY use of R’s data.table package (because it’s so freakin fast) and occasionally requires the Matrix package for dealing with sparse matrices. auc_roc(preds, actuals, returnDT=FALSE)…

Link to Full Article: mltools – My R Package For Machine Learning Tools

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