Musk vs. Zuck – The Fracas Over Artificial Intelligence. Where Do You Stand?

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have dominated both tech and business stories this year. Industry heavyweights such as Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates have famously voiced their concern with blindly rushing into AI without thinking about the consequences.AI has already proven that it has the power to outsmart humans. IBM Watson famously destroyed human opponents at a game of Jeopardy, and a Google computer beat the world champion of the Chinese board game, Go.Google’s AI team are taking no chances after revealing that they are developing a ‘big red button’ to switch off systems if they pose a threat to humans. In fact scientists at Google DeepMind and Oxford University have revealed their plan to prevent a doomsday scenario in their paper titled Safely Interruptible Agents.Truth is indeed stranger than fiction and tech fans could be forgiven for nearly choking on their cornflakes this morning after hearing about a very public disagreement between the two tech billionaires. The argument is probably a good reflection of how people on both sides of the aisle feel about heading into the foggy world of AI.In one corner, we have Mark Zuckerberg who believes AI will massively improve the human condition. Some say he is more focused…

Link to Full Article: Musk vs. Zuck – The Fracas Over Artificial Intelligence. Where Do You Stand?

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