NEUROnomics: Everything Brain

(Image Credit: Public Domain) By Kristen E. Strubberg Editor-in-Chief TGNR is excited to announce a new upcoming weekly column by TGNR‘s Editor-In-Chief Kristen E. Strubberg: NEUROnomics. With the subheading of “Everything Brain,” NEUROnomics will report breakthrough discoveries involving grey (and white) matter across the animal kingdom. NEUROnomics will also venture into popular culture, and popular science comparing current neuroscience technologies with those depicted in the futuristic worlds of Science Fiction. In addition to an outstanding career in journalism, founder of TGNR, as well as serving TGNR as Editor-in-Chief, Kristen E. Strubberg is an eminent woman of science. Her first and greatest scientific passion is the brain, and Kristen has completed extensive undergraduate and graduate education in Neuroscience. Kristen serves professionally as a Research Coordinator, and has a passion for medical…

Link to Full Article: NEUROnomics: Everything Brain

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