Neuroscience 2016: Tracing filaments in dense 3D neural networks

Bitplane, an Oxford Instruments Company and specialist in 2-4D image visualization, analysis and interpretation, have announced the launch of Imaris 8.4 in advance of the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting in San Diego, California (US).In recent years, a steady growth in sample clearing and labelling techniques such as CLARITY, PACT, uDISCO, PARS and CUBIC has been observed. This growth, when coupled with advanced microscopy techniques like light sheet, ultramicroscopy and spinning disk confocal have contributed greatly to the visualization of entire brains and nervous systems with cellular resolution. Researchers, however, still face the challenge of being able to trace dendrites and spines in dense neuronal networks, often within very large datasets.  Imaris 8.4 addresses this challenge by introducing a new and innovative approach to tracing neuron structures in 3D images.…

Link to Full Article: Neuroscience 2016: Tracing filaments in dense 3D neural networks

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