Neuroscience Research: Does Free Will Actually Exist?

Free will might seem like a given to most of us, but neuroscience researchers have historically found that the evidence to support the idea that we have free will is a bit murky. You might reach for the spoon in your bowl of soup, grasp it, and raise it to your mouth, but do these actions actually come about from your brain’s own free will? Is Free Will an Illusion? Scientists, Philosophers Forced to Differ — LiveScienceHealth (@LiveSciHealth) December 29, 2015 In the 1980s, early neurophysiological research began scientifically exploring free will. Benjamin Libet constructed a number of experiments that made it seem like we don’t actually have free will at all. His landmark study involved asking study participants to flick their wrist randomly, while he measured their…

Link to Full Article: Neuroscience Research: Does Free Will Actually Exist?

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