New Research Uncovers the Neuroscience of Sugar Fiending

The most fundamental unit of nutrition is the calorie. Stop consuming foods with significant calorie content, and you will most certainly die. You would die well before you would die as the result of cutting out any more specific or proper nutrient or nutrient category, such as fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, or proteins. These things are obviously all important, but to have a living body worth nourishing means providing that body with basic energy. You can’t live off vitamins alone. Fortunately, the stuff we call “food” usually comes loaded with both calories and vitamins and other things we more typically think of as nutrients. We don’t have to worry much about not getting enough calories given how calorie-dense our food supply is, generally, in the first-world. But the brain still clings…

Link to Full Article: New Research Uncovers the Neuroscience of Sugar Fiending

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