New York’s B12 Continues Trend of “Human-Assisted AI” Startups

For years, critics have viewed artificial intelligence technologies as an existential threat to human workers’ jobs (if not our lives, but that’s a whole other debate). But with the latest wave of A.I. startups, some entrepreneurs are aiming for a middle ground where humans team up with A.I. programs to take advantage of each other’s strengths. Time will tell whether this approach is the way of the future or merely a stepping stone to a completely automated workforce made up of robots and extremely advanced software. But Nitesh Banta—co-founder and CEO of B12, a “human-assisted A.I.” software startup that announced its launch and a $12.4 million investment round today—doesn’t frame it that way. “We don’t necessarily ask the question, ‘What can be automated?’” he says. “We start with the basis…

Link to Full Article: New York’s B12 Continues Trend of “Human-Assisted AI” Startups

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