‘Nightmare Machine’ is an AI project that uses our own fears against us

Credit: Nightmare Machine It’s safe to say that there’s a paranoid subset of our readers that fear the future as it relates to AI. Those people should look away now. Artificial intelligence already scares people. It makes sense; we have entire generations raised on ‘The Terminator’ in which ‘Skynet’ is hell-bent on destroying the world, or ‘The Matrix’ which sees humans serving as the life force that drives an AI program. And now, we have ‘Nightmare Machine.’ The project, a partnership between researchers in the US and Australia, aims to explore the fear caused by intelligent machines and gain a better understanding of their capabilities. By confronting the common fear, the group hopes to find out if a machine is capable of understanding and visualizing what scares us. Seriously, what could…

Link to Full Article: ‘Nightmare Machine’ is an AI project that uses our own fears against us

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