Noisy Spiking in Visual Area V2 of Amblyopic Monkeys

Abstract Interocular decorrelation of input signals in developing visual cortex can cause impaired binocular vision and amblyopia. While increased ‘intrinsic noise’ is thought to be responsible for a range of perceptual deficits in amblyopic humans, the neural basis for the elevated perceptual noise in amblyopic primates is not known. Here we tested the idea that perceptual noise is linked to the neuronal spiking noise (variability) resulting from developmental alterations in cortical circuitry. To assess spiking noise, we analyzed: the contrast dependent dynamics of spike counts and spiking irregularity by calculating the square of the coefficient of variation in inter spike intervals (CV2) and the trial-to-trial fluctuations in spiking (m-FF) in visual area V2 of monkeys reared with chronic monocular defocus. In ‘amblyopic’ neurons, the contrast vs. response functions and the…

Link to Full Article: Noisy Spiking in Visual Area V2 of Amblyopic Monkeys

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