Nvidia announces a ‘supercomputer’ GPU and deep-learning platform for self

The company believes that a strong processor is what driverless cars require. NVIDOA DRIVE PX 2 uses deep learning on the company’s most advanced GPUs for 360-degree situational analysis around the auto to determine the exact location of the vehicle, and calculates a safe and comfortable route. In order to handle this vast number of processes and calculations on-the-fly, some seriously hefty hardware is required. The Drive PX2 contains 12 CPU cores that support a combined eight teraflops and 24 deep learing tera operations per second, what’s more, it’s water cooled, which is pretty awesome in itself, though probably a little overkill, maybe? In addition, the platform’s multi-precision GPU architecture is capable of up to 8 trillion operations per second. So basically it is the software that takes in all…

Link to Full Article: Nvidia announces a ‘supercomputer’ GPU and deep-learning platform for self

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