On Twitter, Is the Next POTUS a Bot-US?

Hillary Clinton and Ben Carson don’t have much in common politically. But their Twitter accounts both lean suspiciously toward the robotic, according to some cool bot-detecting software we’ve been playing with. We recently ran the Twitter Inc. accounts of 19 presidential candidates, and a few other high-profile humans, through Indiana University’s “Bot or Not” software, which uses machine learning algorithms to sniff out automated Twitter “bot” accounts from the real deal. The software works a little bit like our own brains, collecting thousands of data points. Does the account post messages in bursts like real humans or does it plod along at a regular cadence? Does its network of followers seem suspiciously robotic? Do its messages feel like they were written by humans or not? If you score 80% or…

Link to Full Article: On Twitter, Is the Next POTUS a Bot-US?

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