Parrots can identify shapes, even elusive ones

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 20 (UPI) — New research proves parrots know their shapes, even those hiding in optical illusions. Kanizsa’s Triangle is a famous illusory contours, a visual illusion whereby the impression of a triangle is intimated by several inward-facing Pac-Man-like figures. Advertisement The triangle is one of several geometric mirages recognized by a parrot named Griffin. Researchers at Harvard found Griffin was able to identify a variety of occluded shapes, as well as Kanizsa figures with up to six sides. Researchers trained Griffin to recognize a variety of shapes on plain pieces of paper. They varied in color and size, but the training aids did not visually recall the Kanizsa figures. “There is no commonality image-wise between the real 3-D triangle and the Kanizsa triangle,” psychologist Ken Nakayama told…

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