Ph.D. student identifies 10 dimensions of burrito perfection

Just as with beauty, a perfect burrito is in the eyes of the beholder.  No matter what it contains — carne asada, carnitas or something else — a great burrito for you may be lackluster for someone else.  “When people say ‘what is the best burrito?’ they don’t always know what they’re asking,” said Scott Cole, a University of California San Diego neuroscience Ph.D. student.  To get to that point, Cole developed a 10-dimensional rating system for burritos, which aims to put data behind arguments claiming one burrito is better than another.  Data science, meet almuerzo.  In a post on Github, Cole presented a data analysis of several hundred San Diego burritos earlier this year. It used statistical methods to prove much of what our stomachs naturally understand — a good burrito comes from balance and synergy…

Link to Full Article: Ph.D. student identifies 10 dimensions of burrito perfection

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