Pivot in Excel

Hi – I am trying to solve the Getting Started With Excel. In the chapter “I’ve made my submission but I want to do better!” there is following instruction: “…Just like before, make an extra column with a ‘if’ statement. In this case, it will read =IF(E2>18,”adult”,”child”), where E2 was the age column. Now recreate the pivot table (note you have to re-make it) and add the same variables before, you can see if there are more patterns! …” I don’t understand that. How do I recreate a pivot table including values coming out of a “if” statement? Alternatively I tried putting the “if” statement into the train-file, but it wouldn’t show in the pivot table. But anyway – that’s not how it’s described. Can someone tell me how to do…

Link to Full Article: Pivot in Excel

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