Possible Reasons Found for Failure of Alzheimer’s Treatment

Click here to learn how to advertise on this site and for ad rates. Alzheimer Issues Author: Staff Editor Last Updated: Nov 10, 2015 – 9:25:05 AM (HealthNewsDigest.com) – Agglutinated proteins in the brain, known as amyloid-β plaques, are a key characteristic of Alzheimer’s. One treatment option uses special antibodies to break down these plaques. This approach yielded good results in the animal model, but for reasons that are not yet clear, it has so far been unsuccessful in patient studies. Scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have now discovered one possible cause: they noticed that, in mice that received one antibody treatment, nerve cell disorders did not improve and were even exacerbated.Immunotherapies with antibodies that target amyloid-β were long considered promising for treating Alzheimer’s. Experiments with animals…

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