Progress in Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning

In a recent talk at the DATAVERSITY® Smart Data 2015 Conference, Tim Estes of Digital Reasoning discussed the long way we have come with Cognitive Computing, AI, and Machine Learning, and the long way that we have to go. Estes started out with a slideshow talking about how the reality of Cognitive Computing has fit the cultural expectations that we have had as a society, going back to the 1960s. Using cultural symbols of our AI familiarity (Hal in the 1960s, Terminator in the 1980s, and Star Trek’s Lt. Data in the 1990s), Estes also tracked the actual progress of AI with benchmarks like the work of pioneers such as Shannon and McCarthy in the 1960s, the mainstreaming of neural networks in the 1980s, Deep Blue in the 1990s, and…

Link to Full Article: Progress in Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning

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