Properly Mixing NavMesh Pathfing with Steering Behaviors

So I am working in Unity (5.x) Pro and have my AI agents moving about via calls to Unity’s built in path finding and movement system (NavMesh base). I also, in the past did alot of work with Reynold style steering behaviors, and had alot of nice (uselfull) emergent behaviors come about. But when I used them there was a low density of static obstacles, so a true global path finding solution was unnessisary. But for this new Unity project, my maps have a high density of obstacles (also some areas of low density, e.g. large courtyards, etc), and a global path finder is quite nessisary (some places can be maze like). So what I want to do is somehow properly mix NavMesh based path planning with Steering Behaviors (Evade,…

Link to Full Article: Properly Mixing NavMesh Pathfing with Steering Behaviors

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