Research profile dr. JG (Johan) Messchendorp

Research expertise and interest: 1.   Dynamics of color confinement (quarks, gluons), the formation of hadronic matter, and the origin of mass; 2.   Experimental searches for exotic forms of hadronic matter, in particular gluon-rich sub-atomic particles (glueballs, hybrids, etc.); 3.   Dynamics of few-nucleon systems and their relation to fundamental forces; 4.   “Needle-in-a-haystack” searches deploying data reduction techniques for complex (multi parameter) and large datasets; 5.   “In-situ” data processing algorithms for online event selection/data reduction. Research mission My research interests can be summarized in developing instruments and providing experimental data and methods that potentially make a break-through in our present understanding of the strong interaction. This interaction is responsible for the binding of quarks forming the building blocks of sub-atomic matter, such as protons, neutrons, and nuclei.…

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